Welcome to Hannamietz.com, my personal visual diary about Travel, Lifestyle and Modeling. 

This page started in April 2016 as a collection of my most recent model shootings. I'm modeling since 2013, since then it became a big part of my life. Modeling is a good way to challenge and express myself in different ways, whomever I'm working with. It helps me to find my inner peace and to love myself.

So at first this website was just a portfolio, my so called 'model book'.

But then I thought, I don't just want to show the results of all my photo shootings. I also want to tell stories and write about my little world and the life I've chosen to live.

As I love traveling the globe, I want to share all impressions and new adventures along my journey with you. Creating special moments and new ideas while making memories! 

I'd like to be an inspiration for you and cheer you up to do what you love, because that in turn, encourages me to keep up my work. What's always most important?- to create a lifestyle you love! That means, for me, turning your dreams into plans and also your can'ts into cans!

Just believe in yourself and start right now!


I'm always looking for new contacts to work with; PHOTOGRAPHER and MAKE-UP ARTISTS are more than welcome to CONTACT ME, if you like what you see at my .MODEL BOOK.

If you are a brand or advertising agency looking to work with me to create great and inspiring content- just get in touch with me! I'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to drop me an email at hannamietz@gmail.com !

Thank you so much for reading! 









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