#12 DRESS UP for spring + SPECIAL DISCOUNT for you!




After six month of roadtripping around sunny France, Spain and Morocco, arriving back in Germany was really freezing cold. Hail and snow welcomed us for Easter and actually we wanted to turn around right away. But we couldn’t, so we had to dig out our warm winter jackets although we already put them far away. 


Spending the last month of our roadtrip in Marbella, located on the sunshine coast of Spain, we had sunny 25 degrees and more every day! We did not think at all that we have to wear winter clothes again. 


Well, we were wrong and for me it was a perfect opportunity to get some new clothes for typically german weather. 


Hoping that spring will be just around the corner, I stepped into ‚Cyroline‘, a lovely fashion store in Lübeck. Before we started our roadtrip, I’ve been there once and got myself this beautiful sweater kinda dress. 







I was so thrilled by their quality and their unique style that I was already excited for their new spring collection. So lucky me, I found an oversized stripy sweater to have that special chilly look.

I love to combine it sporty classic with jeans and sneakers. But for hotter days I might also wear it with a jeans shorts or even on a sunny beach day just with a bikini bottom. 




The second piece I fell in love with was this cute blouse. The pattern stands for spring and you can wear it single, with a top underneath or even with layering- just by adding a cardigan or a bomber jacket above.













A perfect key piece to give your outfit that special spring look.The blouse comes in different colors, but I chose the blue one which suits perfectly to my new white blonde hair. 

There’s barely no outfit without accessories- so at the check-out I found this very cool necklace with a cross and an infinity symbol. For me not only a trend, but the perfect match of a certain statement you want to take out into the world. And then there was this beautiful bangle I could not resist. It comes with two rectangles and is simply light to wear! 

Last but not least I treated myself with such a great leather bag- of course in grey, which is one of my favorite colors to create my outfits with. 

The grey leather bag from Cyroline is perfectly made for spring days...and summer of course!

So with these new pieces I feel so ready for spring. They upgrade my wardrobe and are really something special, because not everybody is wearing them!

If you are curious now what else do Cyroline offer, just go and visit their boutique in Lübeck, with a great atmosphere to shop and really nice stuff members who care about you a lot. Shouldn’t you get the opportunity to get to Lübeck, check out Cyroline's online shop. I’m sure you will not only find one fabulous piece to treat yourself, but many more. 

Cyroline’s philosophy is awesome- besides their four home collections they only support small unique brands with sustainable and ethically correct production. They are against fast fashion and senseless mass consumption. That's such great attitude and especially today simply the right way to think. Because this way will be the future of fashion. So for me it's obvious to support them as much as I can.

Visiting Cyroline, either in one of their shops in Lübeck, Hamburg, Berlin, Münster and Stuttgart or online, you can be sure to get good quality for an affordable price and unique pieces which are not worn by everyone. 

Like Cyroline, I do love to support small unique brands instead of buying from the big labels. And so I got in touch with Katrin, the owner of ‚Vintageliebe‘. She’s designing typical nordic accessories like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. All collections are handmade. 



accessories for Northern Sea Lovers & for those who like to wear something handmade & unique... 

I became aware of her when I listened to her podcast interview with ‚Frau Freiraum‘. If you are german you can listen to the full interview here. I was so impressed by her story that I contacted her and started a cooperation with Vintageliebe. She sent me this lovely feather bracelet in grey. Since back then I’m wearing it every single day, because it suits to every outfit and makes them unique. On top it's exactly my style. 

So if you’re also a big fan of the Northern Sea and you are looking for the suitable accessories to emphasize your love, go and check out her different collections in her online shop


By using the code hannamietz20 , you will get 20% off! How great is that?

Treat yourself or a friend and go shopping! 


Thanks for reading and if you liked it, please give me a heart! Cheers! 















Happy Shopping!



xx, Mietz.