#11 My On-Travel Beauty Routine- not without my Revitalash Advanced

Within the last year traveling became a big part of my life. Let's say I've been traveling ever since. For those who know me better by now, know that I'm not that kind of woman who needs thousands of beauty products. Over the years testing different ones I can say that I've found a nice range of products which fulfill my mainly demands. 

As I attach great importance to look beautiful in a natural way, for me getting ready means 'less is more'. Considering my personal requirements, it starts with a flawless skin base to work with. I think that's definitely the most important and essential point of all. 

So I start off the day with cleansing my skin with my all time favorite: the 'Vichy Pureté Thermale 3-in-1'which I'm not just using since my travels, I found it years before. But I have to say that it's simply the best solution when you're looking for a cleansing micellar water as it is so easy to handle and warrants such good results, especially for sensitive skin like mine. The next step I just added since I'm traveling: the 'Avène Thermal Spring Water'- it sooths and softens my skin even more and gives me a nice setting. And also in that way I'm totally independent with water sources along my travels. I carry it in my bag and spray it also on sweaty hot days. ;)

Cleansing's done- let's continue with moisturizing care. For this I also stuck with those two brands I mentioned above. It doesn't come from laziness, it's just that once I'm really really convinced and thrilled with a product I don't look further to avoid unlucky experiments. So following creams I'm using for skin care: Step 1, the 'Antirougeurs DAY Redness Relief Soothing Cream' which instantly neutralizes red skin tone. It works amazingly. Step 2, the 'Aquaria Thermal Dynamic Hydration Rich Cream' which satisfies me every time I apply it.

From time to time I add another step to my skin care routine- using eye cream. At the moment I'm trying a vegan one from a drug store. I'm really excited for the effects of this one.

Now my skin is finally ready for doing some make up- or it's just even well prepared for a no-make-up kinda day. I need to admit that most of the time I'm traveling I prefer the days without make up at all. As long as my skin feels pretty cleaned and cared, I really enjoy it to bring just my eyebrows and eyelashes in shape and define them with a little brush and a eyelash curler- that's it! 

Awesome results by using the conditioner for eyelashes: Revitalash Advanced !

Partly to blame for this preference for non-make-up days is absolutely one product which surprised me the most of all products I've tested so far. In the very beginning, as it was launched and dramatically hyped I was skeptical first. There have come so many miracle cures like this one onto the market before. If you think of all those 'anti-cellulite' cremes, etc. which in my opinion are just empty promises and senseless spent money. But experienced this one was totally different- I was thrilled by the results. I'm talking about the one and only conditioner for eyelashes: RevitaLash Advanced !!! This conditioner has very deservedly won an award. I was on the island of Sylt when I bought this one last year. It was quite expensive though, but they promised me that I could exchange it or that I even get my money back if I'm not satisfied with it. But as I'm writing this post about it now, you can see that I didn't bring it back. 

My lashes- without any mascara at all. 

Lasting a year, I'm still using the fist conditioner, although I apply it every night after my cleansing and care routine. So that's every single day and it still lasts! That's totally amazing and the first point why it is worth buying! First I was a little bit scared that my skin around my eyes would turn red and it would burn but none of these happened. It's more like a cooling effect instead, I recon. You apply it like an eyeliner on both eyelids close to the upper lash line. I even use it for the lower lash line as well! Thinking back the first results have already become noticeable after a week and I was just thrilled! I couldn't believe how long, strong and full my eyelashes already got! I was totally convinced of this conditioner from RevitaLash Cosmetics

My lashes- with applied mascara.

So I continued applying the conditioner until today and it became the most important step of all in my beauty routine. Seeing that my eyelashes grow and grow and are more beautiful than ever is such a satisfied feeling. It's this feeling which allows me to spend even more no-make-up days than before. Traveling is so much easier using this product because you will just feel beautiful without any mascara at all.

Wearing no make-up at all. Just applied some lip care.

To let you know I haven't had super short lashes before, and they also were kinda full as well as I started using this product. But with RevitaLash they even became stronger and fuller, and of course longer! I feel like I've got more lashes now, especially the lower lash line turned out to be more impressive. By enhancing and protecting my lashes against breakage I definitely think this conditioner is a very good product choice compared to getting artificial eyelashes. For me it's simply THE ONE AND ONLY CHOICE of all and I'm so happy with RevitaLash Advanced. It improves flexibility and shine for more dramatic lashes without the need to treat your lashes more carefully. 

If there's any product of my beauty routine which I would buy again as soon as it is used up- definitely THIS ONE. I can not say anything about similar products of other brands or from the drugstore but if you want to go for a high quality product with awesome results I just warmly recommend you RevitaLash Advanced

My beauty essentials...

If you liked reading the brief insight of my 'On-Travel Beauty Routine' and want to know which products I'm using for doing my make-up, just give this post a like and comment below. I would love to tell you more about my favorite make up products. 

Sunny greetings from Marbella,

xx, Mietz.