Back then in Germany we knew exactly that Tarifa will be the destination on our roadtrip where we’re gonna spend a longer period of time. Although we haven’t planned anything else exactly on our route down south, that was the one thing we knew for sure. As we spent one of our holidays back in 2015 in Tarifa, and totally fell in love with this town, we definitely wanted to come back. 

Sunset at Tarifa Beach...

And there we were, on Tuesday 29th of November, knowing where to go and where to stay. This time a little bit outside the center, we stayed at a place called ’Tarifa Natural Surfclub' at the countryside. We’ve found the spot on the internet and read just lovely things and reviews about it- besides they are offering a special deal during winter season which made our decision even easier. 


Arrived there we were shown around the house (common area with a fire place, big kitchen and the bathroom) and the outside area (with swimming pool, organic garden and a fantastic view from the rooftop). We parked our van in the driveway and made ourself at home.

For the next month this place would be our so called base, which meant spending the Advent season, Christmas, the birthday of my boyfriend and even New Year’s Eve there. What an eventful month, just December! 

Apart from us, another young traveler couple, who did a workaway, were staying there in their van as well. We got along well with each other, so we did activities together from time to time. For example joining the daily yoga classes, going to the beach for surfing and going for a hike into the mountains ‚La Peña'. On this hike we made it to the very top and on our way down we were passing a fascinating Buddha Statue. 

The daily yoga classes were one of my favorites, as it calmed me down and was a good way to find my inner balance and peace. At this point I want to thank Samuel Piazza, our yoga teacher and actually the person in charge for all issues during our time in the hostel. He did a great job teaching yoga and it was so nice to meet him. 

Nature perfection up in the mountains La Peña...

As I mentioned before the hostel is placed in the countryside- so we had the ocean view on one hand and the mountain view on the other hand. It felt incredibly AMAZING! So becoming one with nature was just joyful and easy to implement as one of the famous beaches ‚Playa de Los Lances‘ was directly across the street. It took just a few minutes to go surfing or kitesurfing, which you can image, we did a lot. 

One day we went for a bike tour and passed one of the many surf shops which you can find in Tarifa as the sand of the sea. We strolled around and randomly I found a second hand wetsuit for myself in perfect conditions and a good price. From that day on we spent the time either in the water on the beachside, in the mountains or we were busy working on our still secret business plans. 

Time flew and days passed by so quickly. Enjoying warm and sunny weather at Pre-Christmas time didn’t make us realizing that Christmas was just around the corner and didn’t give us that special feeling. Except from big Christmas lights above the streets of Tarifa, there weren’t these typical Christmas things which we were used to from home. So we got even more excited when we were receiving 'care parcels' from our parents- full of home-made delicacies like biscuits and gingerbread. 

Sunset moments at Tarifa Beach are meant for Kitesurfing...

On Christmas Eve there was a big dinner taking place at the hostel for which everyone has prepared something. We decided for desert and did an amazing apple crumble which has been praised so much by everyone. It was truly heaven...

At midnight we went into town for Christmas mass as it’s a tradition in my family to go to church on Christmas. So I didn’t want to skip that. It was our first time witnessing how catholics are celebrating as we both are protestants. Although we just could guess what they were talking about in spanish, the procedure was interesting to see and at least it gave us a little holy festive feeling. 

Our last days of the year were full of relaxation, contemplation and reflection. Looking back on the year 2016 with all the decisions and changes we made, we can say that we’ve never been happier and didn’t regret anything on our journey so far. Every single day renewed we are so infinitely grateful for our new lifestyle we’ve chosen that we can barely put it in words. And there is always anything around, day by day, that strengthens and confirms our way of life. 

Magical sunset at Playa de Los Lances...

On New Year’s Eve we took it easy as well- no rush for senseless partying anywhere, we simply enjoyed a lovely dinner with the hostel community. After that we were up for some wine and Cuba Libre while having a monopoly gaming night at the fire place. Around midnight we went to the beach hoping we could see some fireworks from town- but there were barely any. Nevertheless starting into the new year at the most southern point of Europe at the beachside was simply another unique and unforgettable moment on our journey.


So 2017 was about to start and we decided to stay another month at the hostel in Tarifa. It became almost a daily ritual for us to enjoy a freshly picked orange once a day and also we cooked a lot with the spices from the organic garden. 

We also took the opportunity to explore the surroundings of Tarifa by our van. So we found ourselves at the beach of Bolonia which is told to be one of the most beautiful ones around there. Allowing our minds to wander on such great places where you can just listen to the waves of the ocean is so worth it and totally priceless. And of course we couldn’t miss out Valdevaqueros, another good spot for kitesurfing! 

Besides letting off steam out in the countryside we went into town from time to time, mostly when we needed to do some food shopping. Then we strolled through the streets a bit and had a look around. One day we even went to the flea market hoping we would find some unique treasures. During our time at the hostel I had the time and the equipment to bake a lot which I enjoyed so much. Not only cakes but also breads. 

After spending already two months in Spain we totally got used to the spanish flow and mentality as we both are rather relaxed persons. We take everything as easy as possible. So without any doubts we liked staying there pretty much but we also had to make plans for our further journey. For us it was time to keep going, to be back on the road again and to explore new territories. Another point was also the fact that it was getting colder and we wanted to chase the sun. That’s why we booked our ferry to Morocco pretty rapidly and even for an earlier day then actually planned. 

Amazing view of Morocco...

So leaving Tarifa on Monday 23rd of January in the early morning meant for us leaving with a crying and a laughing eye. We had mixed feelings but again, like we’ve known the last time, we knew for sure that we will always come back to Tarifa, again and again. 


But for now it’s time to hit the road for new adventures! It’s time for new experiences and impressions in a new country. It’s time for MOROCCO!!! 

Morocco, be prepared! We're coming...!


So stay tuned for the next one and look forward to when it’s all gonna be about sunny and magical Morocco! 

Besos, Mietz.