#6 ABOUT ADVANTAGES: Combining work with vacation.

When my boyfriend and I made the decision to start a completely different chapter in life (as you can read in blogpost #1), it was for valid reasons. After living this new life in totally independence and mobility for already half a year now, I can say that it was the best decision ever! To be no longer tied to one place, to have the opportunity to go somewhere whenever we feel like it, is such a good feeling. It makes me feel so light, and at the same time even stronger. Living in a van is often challenging, but in a good way. Suddenly you focus on completely different things and concentrate on the essential issues of life. That means liberating yourself from all unnecessary ballast- which simply leads to pure happiness!

Spending nearly half a year on the island of Sylt has shown us sometimes how we don't wanna live but also surprised us by all the great people we've got to know. It's quiet a contradiction when you are living on a low budget in a very rich region like Sylt, where everything seems to be perfect from the outside. Then you're asking yourself about the different meaning of happiness. Looking under the surface you might notice sometimes what you really didn't expect: like-minded people.

Mixing it all together and experiencing a lot, we took advantages. Combining work and vacation is a delightful way to earn money, make work pay but never work too hard for living. While my boyfriend worked at every windy day as a kitesurf instructor, I picked every promotion job I got. 

I worked for Pandora, promoting a nice deal at the store in Westerland. My mission: three days of getting as many as possible people into the store and make them buy something to develop sales. You have to be very confident and charming to speak to all the passengers passing by- but easy! No big deal for me. ;)

Far away from fashion the 'Red Bull Tri Islands' took place in Hörnum. For the second time this adventure triathlon connected the island of Föhr, Amrum and Sylt. At this big sport event I also got a job deal. This time for Buchbinder, supervising a carrera track powered by bikes. 

From triathlon to surfing, one of the biggest surf events, the German Windsurf Cup in Westerland offered me the next job opportunity: working one week for Maui Jim, the famous high end quality polarized sunglasses brand. We were a team of three promotion girls who didn't only make a good job in selling sunglasses but also having much fun together. I have to admit that before I took this job offer I haven't heard anything about Maui Jim. But right away I was absolutely impressed by this brand and convinced from their quality. And to be honest I haven't worked for such a great company before. So thanks again to Maui Jim for having me in your team! These days I'm still talking about working for Maui Jim and praising Maui Jim as such a great employer. Fun fact of this: since then my boyfriend always calls it 'my special Maui Jim experience' and it became kind of a synonym for all unexpected positive things that happen. :) 

By the way: the reason why we are with Vincent Langer in one of the pictures- he is sponsored by Maui Jim. It was a pleasure to meet him. ;)

The benefits about doing promotion are that you can choose each single job again and again by yourself, that you only work for a certain time of period (for example just 5 days in a row), that you get well paid for it and get the chance to have a lot of spare time in between to do other things. In this case, for me other things meant the big project: sewing new curtains for Mr. Brown. First I thought it wouldn't take longer than one day, but in the end I spent more time sewing all of them. Now Mr. Brown looks much brighter inside. I love sewing. And you can be excited what's my next even bigger project will be... I will tell you soon.

New Look- same Mr. Brown...

After work we often enjoyed the beautiful weather and took a lot of walks to discover the island...






When I joked around and got even more tanned in the sun, it looks like this...

...or that.. :D Me, going a bit crazy at campsite Mühlenhof where we've met really nice people. Thanks again for having us! 

One of our favorite shared passion is pizza, and as we haven't got an oven in our van, we're craving for pizza from time to time. Then we need to go out to order just delicious heaven...have a look: 

Satisfied! Happy! Not only after a meal like this but also looking back at the time on the island of Sylt we've spent half a year. I can say that this time was definitely full of experiences for both of us, we grew a lot, not only in person but as a team, a couple as well. We met such lovely people who we made friends with and with whom we'll definitely stay in touch. It was a great preparation for what's coming next, our big roadtrip and some other good stuff. :)

But for now that's it. You can certainly look forward to our upcoming plans. So stay tuned and have a good start into the week. 

Be curious- like little Watson <3