#5 GET AWAY: When the island seems a little too small to us...

Knowing that we would spent half a year on the island of Sylt, we decided to get away for a week to the mainland. We had some appointments on our to-do list as well, so we combined the useful with the pleasure. We caught up with friends and family and had a great time. As we are on the island of Sylt for working and making money, it felt like a little holiday in between times. 

Our first stop was Rostock, the city we spent some years, used to study and got to know each other. It was one week before the ultimative festival called 'Zuparken' in Kägsdorf, which we both love but unfortunately couldn't join this year because of work. So we took the chance to have the area in Kägsdorf just for ourselves, where the festival takes place every year, and parked Mr.Brown just in front of the Baltic Sea. Like the motto: 'Home is where we park it!'

To be woken by the sun and the sound of sea waves is definitely one of the best things about living in a van. You can jump straight out of bed, get outside and start the day in harmony with nature. Instead of taking a shower you can refresh yourself with a early morning swim- there's nothing like it! 

Afterwards you're even more excited for a yummy and healthy breakfast with an awesome view! 

To start recovered and strengthened into the day we managed all our appointments well and had still some time left to make a stop at our favorite eating place from former times, 'El Waleed'. It's simply the best place to have falafel in town. So for us it was definitely on our to do list before we left Rostock again and head back to Lübeck.

Back in Lübeck, this beautiful city welcomed us with great weather like this...

Since I visited Lübeck for the first time, I'm in love with this city- it's full of beautiful hidden corners and it shines with its historical ambience. Just pure and awesome, if you know where to go. One night while we went for a walk, we found a special little secret path which my boyfriend didn't even know. 

One additional point for me as someone who has a sweet tooth, is definitely the fact that Lübeck is the city of marzipan! Every time I'm so obsessed with it and I couldn't imagine life without it, haha! 

When Mietz is stroking the lion... 

Before we needed to head back to the North Sea coast, back to the island of Sylt, we wanted to spend some days on the island of Fehmarn, at the Baltic Sea, to enjoy the beautiful summer weather.


That meant quality time, having a beer or two at the beach, enjoying the sunsets and just doing absolutely nothing- apart from kitesurfing! We found a lovely campground just next to the beach- so our 'home spot' was perfect again.

It's obvious that we both love the coasts and the seas, it doesn't really matter where exactly. But these days have reminded us again, how deeply in love we are with the Baltic Sea, compared with the North Sea. Which one do you like better? If you like, comment below. I'm curious. 

So this should be it for now. We returned safely back to the island of Sylt, got back to our work routine, but still in memories of these unique days! I'm so grateful for living exactly this life I've ever dreamt of. 



Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for the next post- it's coming soon.

Bisous, bisous.