#4 MYSTERY: Taking a walk through untouched places on the island

It's quite a while ago now, but thinking of these unique moment gives me always goose bumps and makes me happy. That's what I need to share it with you.

One day we decided to go somewhere calm and peaceful apart from the packed island of Sylt. What we've found was incredible- a little wood which looked quite usual at first side. But strolling around lead us more and more into a mystical feeling. We felt like we were the first people discovering this amazing piece of nature. So we spent the afternoon there, enjoying just to be, being happy and dreaming away. Meanwhile my boyfriend took some awesome pictures of me being one with this beautiful place. 

It felt a little bit lost, but when you're feeling lost with the right person, it can be definitely a good feeling. So take some time for yourself, escape the everyday life and go somewhere beautiful with your special person. It's worthy and healthy for your spirit, to upload the batteries and feel free. Afterwards, I promise, your mind gets new energy to work on your visions and dreams.

So relax and ~ hang loose ~ ! 

Stay tuned.