#3 YUMMY: It's all about food & recipes...

Like I promised in my last post I wanna give you an insight into our currently most favorite meals. Living in a van can be quite challenging sometimes when it comes to cooking. But as we're based on Sylt in the garden of a friend at the moment, we can use the kitchen in his house which offers us much more space.

So let's have a look at the collection of meals I've chosen to show you. Enjoy reading and maybe cooking it by yourself as well! ;)



offee first!!! Starting the day right, I need to admit that for me there's nothing better than having a strong coffee with some milk. To eat we often have cereal with fruits, chia seeds and yoghurt. Quick and easy, healthy and YUMMY!

Besides cereal I sometimes make 'Budwig Creme', which I got to know when I met my boyfriend. And I didn't just fall in love with him... ;) Following ingredients are needed: 250g plain curd, 3 bananas, juice of half a lemon, 12-15 almonds, 5 table spoons cereals and some multivitamin juice. Put all together in a bowl and mash it up. Et voilá- ready to eat! 

Sunny breakfast outside- that's what I love! 



TO EAT: Gnocchi with broccoli, zucchini and champignons in soy-cream-sauce |

TO DRINK: Fentiman's ginger beer & 'Sylter Brause'

We've chosen any amount of the ingredients, just as we liked it. First we chopped the vegetables and stir fried them in a pan with olive oil. Then we added the gnocchi and waited until they got medium roasted. For the last step we mixed cream and soy sauce into it and added salt and pepper to taste. That was it, it didn't take that much time and we've got a very delicious and healthy meal for dinner. To drink we had a ginger beer from Fentimans, which was amazing- it's botanically brewed, so it's rich in ginger flavor and not that sweet. It's a cool drink especially for chilly summer time. And we tried the 'Sylter Brause', the lemon & ginger taste one, which was also nice but not that good as the ginger beer. The taste was quite artificial compared with the ginger beer.


TO EAT: Pasta with spinach peanut butter sauce |

TO DRINK: Mio Mio Mate

Having a sunny lunch outside!

This recipe we found on the internet but we created it a bit different and just used it as an inspiration. That's actually what we often do, so that you don't always have to get all listed ingredients. Because the most important point is that you like it and it's still tasty. So while we cooked the noodles in salted boiled water, we chopped one onion, a clove of garlic and ginger and steamed it in an oiled pan. Then we added spinach, coconut milk and vegetable bouillon and brought it to the boil. As the final step we added two spoons of peanut butter and cooked the sauce for five more minutes. Seasoned with salt and lemon juice and mixed the sauce with the noodles- ready is another yummy meal. We decorated the meal with more chopped peanut nuts, so it got even crunchier. To drink we had 'Mio Mio Mate', one of our favorite drinks of all and a good alternative to coffee.


On some days we don't feel like cooking at all- and we choose to make some sandwiches. But not in a boring way, because you know, you do eat with your eyes first. ;) That's why sandwiches we made looks like this...

Colorful explosion!!!


Going out to eat is something we do quite rarely- but if we do so, we're enjoying it a lot to keep it special. We both insanely love burgers, for me always the vegetarian one's as I'm pescetarian. That means I'm only eating fish and sea food, but no meat. On the island we found a great place called 'Beach Box' in Westerland. They're definitely making the best burgers on the island. When we go there, I always take the Veggie Burger with fried egg- OMG, it's just AMAZING !!! And they come in paper with a clothespin which is a very cool idea, I reckon. We started collecting the clothespins- to count in the end of this season, when we're leaving Sylt, how many times we went there. ;) To drink we've got a rhubarb cooler by 'Proviant' !


I do hope that you liked my short insight of different meals we're having usually. 

Stay tuned! 

xx, Mietz.