#2 FIRST STOP: Sylt. Our first weeks...

The first four days I worked for Birkenstock as a new shop in Westerland just opened.

The evenings we often spent at the beach- my boyfriend checked out the best spots for kitesurfing on the island while I was strolling around collecting shells and being one with nature... In moments like these I can perfectly regenerate and recharge energy. My thoughts run wild to get new input and overthink new ideas every time. Every new day we are remembering ourselves that we definitely did the right thing; every day we are recognizing and feeling that taking this step was definitely one of the best decisions ever!!! We started living our dream and that feels so damn good!!!

We both like to enjoy the sunsets together. 

Being outside all day long can be quite exhausting sometimes. So for us it's very important to eat healthy. We love to cook together and to try new compositions and meals. If you wanna have a closer look at our meals continue reading with post #3- it's all about recipes!!!