#7 CURRENTLY FAVORITE FASHION PIECE: Between Black & White there's grey!

While you guys are all waiting for our roadtrip to start, I need to show you my favorite fashion piece at the moment: the grey LOVE & SOUL bagpack from Kaliber Fashion Berlin. As you might have already noticed it's my first post about FASHION, but I wanted to make it something special. These amazing bagpacks designed out of vegan fabrics are definitely a great reason to start with. 

I know Sarah, the owner of this streetwear label, for several years now. I got to know her by friends of mine and so I pursued her idea to create a stylish bag and accessories label from the very beginning. Her innovative brand, started in 2011, stands for quality workmanship, puristic forms and sustainability. All products are designed in Berlin and are partly limited. Every bag and bagpack are a sign against the throwaway society we're currently living in. In this way buying items of the different collection from Kaliber Fashion is definitely a statement buy and should strengthen the awareness of environmentally friendly shopping and living.

Think twice before you shop to death. It's often pieces you might not need anymore just after a few days. Then you're asking yourself whether it was one of these typical spontanously satisfaction buys again. Because it's not about having your wardrobe packed with all these unnecessary pieces, just to have it all in abundance. It's about to find your style and have nice key pieces in high quality with which you can mix a new outfit everyday all over again. 

This was one of the reasons I finally got myself a bag pack from Kaliber Fashion. Long time I was thinking about whether I should get the grey or black one. But in the end I decided for the grey, because even for hot summer days, which are ahead for me on our road trip, you can style it perfectly with your outfits. Nevertheless, as you can see I used the first cold autumn days to test its look as well. ET VOILÀ- I'm just thrilled about how beautiful my new bagpack is, how comfortable it is to wear and how it snuggles up to your body.

I'M OBSESSED AND IN LOVE WITH THIS BAGPACK which turned out to my everyday favorite. 

It's amazing how much you can fit in there, it almost feels like having a Mary Poppins kinda bag. 

All the little details and the mixture of different vegan materials make this bagpack to a unique, so called 'must-have' piece. 

So for now there's nothing more to say than GO AND GET ONE OF THESE FANTASTIC BAGPACKS!!! ;)

And by the way...Kaliber Fashion has been awarded with the PETA vegan fashion award 2016 in the category 'best female bags' !!!

Cheers and stay tuned...